About us

DSC 03791 1024x682 About us

At It’s Perfect Los Angeles Sober Living, we understand that the road to true addiction recovery is not easy or simple. Many of us would like to believe that once we got a glimpse of clean and sober living, we would shift permanently and continue our life journey, free of struggle and pain.

What we have discovered instead is that true drug and alcohol recovery, like any path of spiritual growth, is not a one time event. We have to continuously face and move through many issues to reclaim who it is that our Higher Power wants us to be. It’s Perfect Los Angeles is a safe abode for those who are looking for a luxury sober home environment that is conducive to both personal and spiritual growth.

  • Peer group recovery support
  • 24-hour on-site house managers
  • Being able to maintain employment
  • Allowing to continue education
  • Transitional living, life planning and goal setting
  • Focused direction and personal accountability
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Local transportation provided
  • Zero tolerance policy on use of drugs and alcohol
  • Stable living arrangement in a luxury sober home
  • Communal environment
  • Structure and accountability
  • Shared leadership
  • May stay as long as you would like!

It’s Perfect LA is dedicated to creating a supportive environment where house members can restore themselves to healthy, sober living. We assist this process by providing a safe and positive sober house environment for those in sobriety who need support while learning to live without the use of alcohol or other drugs. We provide much more support than outpatient programs or twelve-step meetings alone. Our shared sober housing environment ultimately enables residents to lead responsible and productive lives.

It’s Perfect LA is a luxurious sober home located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Cheviot Hills. We believe that our location is ideal in that it provides the resident an opportunity to continue to participate in a larger society while living in a safe, sober haven that will help ensure lasting recovery and sobriety. At It’s Perfect, we are a community within a community.